Friends and relatives enjoying my Granny books

Tyson and Jocelyn’s first look at “Granny Mouse Ears”
I think Jocelyn likes the book.
Jocelyn Gives Granny A Thumbs Up
Acacia is proud of Granny!
Miss Mae enjoying reading Granny’s 1st book
Julius inspired me to publish this story!
My personal proof reader
Thanks Sheila. I hope your grandkids like my books.
My Ravena peeps supporting my book.
My hometown library, Ravena Community Library lends out “Granny Mouse Ears”
My son……Thanks for all your help, Ryan❤️
My friend Nancy. Her grandson loves this book!
My book signing at Picasso’s in Coronado, Panama
My BFF, my rock and my forever mentor.
My niece Cheryl supporting my dream. Thanks, Cher!
My niece Michele getting her home library ready for Motherhood. I can’t wait to read to Xander and Evelyn.
Sooz reading to her granddaughters…..thanks, dear Friend.
My sister Kathie and granddaughter Ariana
Come on Amazon…..put me on the best sellers list!
Lisa’s Learning Group Lab Family Daycare
Lisa’s Friends
My Goddaughter Lori…..”I’ll Go First!”
Fun night at the Local Library
Kelly reading to her grandkids.
More fun at the Library
Senator George Amedore in Ravena, NY
Book Signing at The Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany, NY
Former Co-worker Laurie
Thanks, Penny
My classmate Stoney always supporting me!
Jenny Penny….it is always great seeing you!
Part of Team MMJ, Mel, we missed you!
My SF Carolyn always supporting my books!
Thanks, Laurie
Cathy and Grandson Jack
A dream come true!
Miss Jo loves you Jacqui
Thanks for stopping by!
Awesome teacher of my kids supporting me! We share the same first name!
Thanks Marge
Long time friend Rose surprises me at my book signing.
My son Ryan and his endless support. Love ya, Ry!
Miss Mae reading Granny’s 2nd Book
My neighbors, Tom and Ligia
All our grandkids love to read.
Fun in Canajoharie, NY
Kaya and Kirsten love my Granny Books
Book Signing at Living Word Parable Christian Store in Latham, NY
Catherine and Jo Anna……former co-workers and long time friends.
Sue, thanks for your support over the years. You are my #1 cheerleader.
Sara, it was so nice to meet you!
Jo Anne & Joann ….. 1 Samuel 16:7

Jo & Gina, long time friends
Regina, Jo Anne and Cathy
Holly, Thanks for all your help with my readings in Canajoharie, NY. It was so much fun!
A few of those that stopped by to see me at my book signing.
Sisters Annie and Marion travel to see me! Thanks so much!
Annie and Marion….thanks for your support! 💕💕💕💗
Love you two! Thanks Michelle and Susannah!
You made my day, Carol Ann and Ron
Thanks for stopping by, Pastor Kim
Long time friends… ya, Mae!
Classmate Stoney and friend Peggy….thanks for supporting me!
Brad and Carleen came from Massachusetts to support me. Thanks, Guys!
My guy, Ry
Thanks to Debbie and Rich for providing a venue for my book signing.
A day to remember. Thanks everyone!

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